Kenneth P. Carson

Chair, Professor of Management and Marketing
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Contact Information
Phone: 724-458-2198

Kenneth P. Carson

Degrees Held

  • B.S., Business Administration, Geneva College
  • M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Akron
  • Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Akron


  • Member, American Psychological Association

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational behavior
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Personality
  • Psychometrics
  • Research methods
  • Statistics

Courses Taught

  • BUSA 201 – Business Statistics
  • BUSA 203 – Management and Leadership
  • BUSA 458 – Organizational Behavior
  • BUSA 475 - Leadership

Selected Research

  • Statistical methodology
  • Performance appraisal
  • Employee selection
  • Job satisfaction

Selected Publications

  • Carson, K.P. (May, 2014). Using Data Effectively. CIC Department Chairs Workshop. Baltimore, MD.
  • Carson, K.P. (2011 to 2013). Organizer and leader of the ecumenical worship service. CIC Chief Academic Officers conferences.
  • Cornman, T., Carson, K.P., Simmons, D. (November, 2013.) Released time and stipends for faculty members. CIC Chief Academic Officers conference. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Carson, K. P., Tobin, E. H. (VPAA, Illinois College), & Whatley, K. (Provost, Berry College) (November, 2012). Faculty compensation. CIC Chief Academic Officers conference. San Antonio, TX.
  • Carson, K. P., Sanderson, C., & Rudenga, L. (March, 2011). Faculty compensation: Three approaches to disciplinary differences. CCCU Chief Academic Officers Conference, Houston, TX.
  • Kinicki, A. J., Ryan, F. M., Schriescheim, C. A., & Carson, K. P. (2002). Assessing the construct validity of the Job Descriptive Index (JDI): A review and meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97, 14-32.
  • Carson, K. P. (Fall, 2000). Response to Chewning’s “Hermeneutics and Biblical Ethics: God’s Immutability and Human Integrity”. Journal of Biblical Integration of Business, 79-84. • Carson, K. P., Becker, J. S., & Henderson, J. A. (1998). Is utility really futile?: A failure to replicate and an extension. Journal of Applied Psychology, 1, 84-96.
  • Cardy, R. L., Sutton, C. L., Carson, K. P., & Dobbins, G. H. (1998). Person and system effects in performance appraisal: Ratings as a function of the degree of performance responsibility and errorfulness. Journal of Quality Management, 3.
  • Stewart, G. L. & Carson, K. P. (1997). Moving beyond the mechanistic model: An alternative approach to staffing for contemporary organizations. Human Resource Management Review, 7, 157-184.
  • Carson, K. P. & Sullivan, T. (1997). Evaluation of the Guard Inner-View: Performance and Assignment Profile. Security Journal, 8, 65-67. [test review]
  • Cardy, R. L. & Carson, K. P. (1996). Total quality and the abandonment of performance appraisal: Taking a good thing too far? Journal of Quality Management, 1, 193-206
  • Stewart, G. L., Carson, K. P., Cardy, R. L. (1996). The joint effects of conscientiousness and self-leadership training on employee self-directed behavior in a service setting. Personnel Psychology, 49, 143-164.
  • Carson, K. P & Stewart, K. P. (1996). Job analysis and the sociotechnical approach to quality: A critical examination. Journal of Quality Management, 1, 49-64.
  • Cardy, R. L., Dobbins, G. H., & Carson, K. P. (1995). TQM and HRM: Improving performance appraisal research, theory, and practice. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 12, 106-115.
  • Stewart, G. L., & Carson, K. P. (1995). The big five personality dimensions and domains of performance: A field investigation. Journal of Business and Psychology, 9, 365-378.
  • Carson, K.P., & Gilliard, D. (1993). Construct validity of the Miner Sentence Completion Scale. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 66, 171-175.
  • Carson, K.P., Cardy, R. L., & Dobbins, G. H. (1992). Traditional performance appraisal v. total quality management: Avoiding the collision. HRMagazine, November, 88-92.

Professional Experience

  • Management consultant
  • Higher education administration


  • Sports of all types and levels
  • Traveling

You might be surprised to know

My wife and I have three adopted children, each from Vietnam. We also have two birth children.