Andrew Markley, '82

Professor of Management and Marketing
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Andrew Markley, '82

What is your educational background?

B.A. from Grove City College, M.S. of Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and J.D. from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

What are the main focuses of your research?

My scholarly interests include corporate governance, corporate social responsibility issues, and Russian legal and institutional reform. I am a contributing scholar with The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College and have co-authored two articles for the Heritage Foundation.

What specific courses or specialties do you teach?

International Business, International Trade, Business Law, the Legal Environment of Business and other courses. I've also lectured on legal issues at universities in France, China, Russia, and Chile.

In your opinion, what is the most important piece of advice you give your students to help them succeed?

Identify the gifts and talents that the Lord has bestowed upon you, identify how you can best use those gifts in your career and to further God’s kingdom, and stay focused on achieving your goals.

Please list a selection of your publications

James M. Roberts and Andrew W. Markley, “Why the U.S. Should Oppose International Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Mandates,” Heritage Foundation Backgrounder No. 2685 (May 4, 2012).

Is there any additional personal experience you would like for us to share?

I am an enthusiastic supporter of international programs, including faculty-led short-term courses, semester and summer study abroad, and international service learning opportunities. I have taken students on short-term courses to Russia, China, the UK, and France, and spent his fall 2005 semester sabbatical teaching at Ryazan State University in Russia. Most recently, I have been working to establish programs in southern Africa.