New programs of study meet student interests, needs

Grove City College has rolled out four new majors and 14 new minors for the 2017-18 academic year that provide students with the skills and knowledge that they’re seeking and play to the strengths of one of America’s best Christian liberal arts and sciences colleges.

“These new programs reflect Grove City College’s ability to respond to the interests and needs of students and prospective students. Changes in society and emerging fields of study demand the creation of innovative new offerings and Grove City College is meeting that demand today, just as it has for its entire 141-year history,” Dr. Robert Graham, provost, said.

New majors are being offered in the departments of Biblical and Religious Studies and Philosophy, Music , Psychology and Social Work and Biology. New minors run the gamut from Cybersecurity to Musical Theater and are designed to produce added value to an undergraduate degree.

The new majors are:

  • Christian Ministries –This major is customized for students looking to pursue non-ordained professional ministry callings in churches, para-church agencies and missions organizations outside of the United States. It prepares students for vocations oriented toward serving people by intentionally joining Biblical and theological studies with ministry-focused practical application.
  • Music Performance (with concentrations in vocal, piano and instrumental music) – The major is a plan of study for students whose passion is to be a performer as well as for those interested in preparation for private studio teaching. Increased lesson time, additional performance opportunities, and repertoire and pedagogy classes will also provide a strong foundation for graduate study. 
  • Social Work – This program is oriented toward service, particularly service to those in greatest need and at greatest risk of the detrimental effects of social injustices. Students are equipped within the context of a Christian liberal arts education for compassionate entry-level, generalist social work practice. The major prepares students for ethical and professional competence through the mastery of a relevant knowledge base and micro- and macro-level, generalist practice skills.
  • Neuroscience – This major is designed to serve those students interested in careers in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive studies, medical schools, and research. As such, this major requires many courses that are prerequisites for many medical schools, and graduate programs in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, cognitive studies and related fields.

New minors offered at the College this fall are: Accounting; Chemical Engineering; Creative Writing; Cybersecurity; Data Science; Design; Finance; International Business; Management; Marketing; Mobile Development; Musical Theater; Nutrition; Social Work; and Spanish for Professionals.

Grove City College offers undergraduate degrees in more than 60 programs of study in the humanities and sciences. All degrees are augmented by a core curriculum that ensures all students are well-versed in the great ideas, events and themes that undergird modern civilization and are the foundation of a true liberal arts education. 

New programs of study meet student interests, needs

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