Chapel programming focuses on Christian formation

Grove City College, which holds faithfulness as one of its core values, is restructuring its Chapel services to strengthen and expand the College’s program of Christian formation.

Creating a Christ-centered learning and living environment is part of the College’s foundational mission and chapel services have been a key component of that mission for 141 years. This fall, the College is focusing its twice-weekly Chapel programming on the Christian mandate “to love God with all of our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

“A thematic approach will allow the students to focus on topics that will be more comprehensive in their analysis of Bible teaching,” Dr. F. Stanley Keehlwetter, Dean of the Chapel, said.

Chapel, held Tuesday and Thursday mornings, will take a two-fold approach to that theme. Tuesday Chapels will examine “Loving God and His Word” through an exploration of the attributes of God revealed by scripture. Thursday Chapels will focus on “Loving Our Neighbor” and feature speakers from various Christian ministries  and testimony to encourage service.

Students will also have more time in Chapel this year, with services running from 9:25 to 9:50 a.m.

“With an additional five minutes for Chapel, opportunity will be given for speakers to give a more in-depth approach to the biblical texts from which they will share or to worship by singing a hymn,” Keehlwetter noted.

While many colleges and universities founded as religious institutions have pushed campus worship to the side over the years, Grove City College remains committed to the idea that community worship plays a valuable role in fortifying faith, expanding understanding of Christianity and bringing students together in service to God.
Students are required to earn 16 "Chapel credits" each semester and can secure them by attending the regular Tuesday and Thursday services or taking part in many other alternative Chapel events offered throughout the academic year.

Chapel programming focuses on Christian formation

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