Travis Royer, '16

B.A. in Economics

How has Grove City College’s emphasis on Christian faith impacted you?
Grove City College helped me distill a set of values that I’ve carried with me into my post-graduate life. When facing academic trials, the default solution is often to simply “work harder,” but Grove City College helped me understand that the better solution is to “work smarter”—being fully present and dedicated to work, but always in view of worship, community, and rest.

How did your academic work and relationships with faculty challenge you while at Grove City College?
I am incredibly grateful to my professors at Grove City College. They challenged me to discover the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes with diligent work and they demonstrated individual commitments to excellence, both in and out of the classroom. I am most thankful to the Department of Economics for teaching me that, “there are no such things as exams,” rather there are only “festivals of knowledge.” Adopting that worldview significantly contributes to my quality of life as I approach the BAR Exam Festival of Knowledge.

Why did you study pre-law?
Grove City College gave me a deeper understanding to the important question of “why” I wanted to study law. From the moment I arrived on campus, I knew that I “wanted to help people” in my future profession, but Grove City College taught me “how” to help people, and more importantly, how to do it with excellence. And I learned “how” to help people by “learning how to think”—as opposed to memorizing a library of facts and figures. Studying economics taught me to think carefully about how people are impacted by legislative and judicial institutions in the short run, and it gave me the ability to see the effects in the long run.

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