Stephen Scott, '14

B.S. in Business Management, B.S. in Philosophy

As a philosophy major, the Christian atmosphere at Grove City College is especially beneficial, since secular philosophy is largely anti-Christian. The ability to combine a Christian worldview with the philosophical mind is one of the greatest strengths of the program.

The freedom to choose from many electives according to my interests enabled me to find classes that had the highest appeal to me. The professors also helped to further instill a desire to learn by encouraging class discussion, giving students the freedom to choose the topics of term papers and making themselves available outside of class for questions and dialogue. It is not unusual to see a philosophy student having lunch with a professor in Hicks cafeteria. Professors also play an important role in furthering education by offering personal recommendations for students as they apply for internships and jobs.

The philosophy program was everything I hoped for, along with some unexpected perks. The material covered in my philosophy classes greatly prepared me for some required humanities classes with connections to philosophy. By delving into the history of philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, and epistemology, my reasoning has been sharpened and my hunger for knowledge has been sparked. 

Grove City College’s philosophy classes help prepare for master’s and Ph.D. programs through writing and presentation opportunities. The philosophy program at Grove City College has exceeded my expectations and continues to grow and improve.

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