Roger Haas, '08

B.A. in Economics

How has Grove City College’s emphasis on Christian faith impacted you?
Having a Christ-centered education gave me a foundation upon which to build my experience and a lens to help me see the world. College is a very influential time of your life, it builds the foundation for your future personally, professionally and spiritually.

How have your academic work and relationships with faculty challenged you while you were at Grove City College?
The Department of Economics challenged us to build a logical and systematic method of thinking. We were challenged to by professors to defend our positions and stretch ourselves. The professors were always open and willing to teach you in the classroom, dining hall, and on the sidewalk. Every opportunity for instruction was open to you if you took the initiative to pursue it.

How did your time at Grove City College prepare you for your vocation?
It helped me build a framework through which I can take new problems and find a way to uncover solutions. I learned that working in a small group helps you achieve more efficient results than individual effort. Most importantly, it taught me how to challenge the status quo with an alternative point of view and bring my own voice to my career.

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