Rob Kunst, '19

B.S. in Finance

What have you been doing since graduation?
I am currently a consultant at Protiviti Consulting firm.

Why did you choose Grove City College?
I chose Grove City College because I knew that I would be receiving a quality education that was close to my home. The values that the College holds high, such as faith and my walk with God, really spoke to me, and the students created a friendly atmosphere which made me feel at home. I also wanted a school where I could play on the football team. Two of my uncles attended Grove City College so I knew that I could find a home there as well.

How important was affordability in your choice of Grove City College?
Affordability was definitely a factor that I considered, but I was more concerned about how well my education would "pay off" after graduating, and I knew that Grove City College would provide a great pay off.

How well did Grove City College prepare you to enter the workplace?
In technical competency, Grove City College courses gave me an adequate foundation in things like subject terminology, calculations, Excel skills, etc. and that foundation was something I was able to build on when doing professional work. In overcoming obstacles, persisting through challenges, handling stress, and finding ways to solve problems, I believe Grove City College put me ahead of my colleagues.

How would you describe the spiritual environment at Grove City College?
Christianity is integrated in almost every element of the campus, which I enjoy. However, I know non-Christians who still enjoyed their time at Grove City College. The spiritual environment is strong and easy to find, but it is not "imposed" on non-Christian students.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
Professors work hard to be available to students outside of class, and they were easy for me to form relationships with. Professors notice and appreciate positive attitudes from their students.

What should prospective students know about Grove City College?
Grove City College will provide you with the tools you need to be successful; it is up to you to take advantage of the opportunity. While in high school I did not understand nor appreciate the Christian/conservative values of Grove City College. After eight semesters of courses, four football seasons, three professional summer internships, three mission trips, and a relocation to Manhattan to start my full-time job, I now realize how precious those values are.

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