Rachel Waitlevertch, '18

B.S. in Computer Science, B.S. in Mathematics

Describe your favorite aspect of Grove City College.
My favorite aspect of Grove City College is the friendly environment. I like how encouraging my professors, friends, and classmates are. I have grown to appreciate people a lot more since being a student here. I like how the people at Grove City College make me smile and make it so that I enjoy coming back every single time I return from breaks.

Describe a time when your intellect was challenged or strengthened at Grove City College.
I took the Computer Programming II course in my second semester here. Still very new to programming, this class was a big challenge for me. We had numerous in-class exercises that challenged me to work quickly and efficiently. A bulk of the grade was also dependent on out-of-class programming homework assignments. The class pushed me to not give up. I did not expect to do well grade-wise in that class because it was so difficult. However, I ended up getting an A in the class because I rose to the challenge that semester.

Describe a time when your faith was challenged or strengthened at Grove City College.
As a Catholic student, I am asked a lot of questions about different Catholic traditions and things that people of other Christian denominations may not fully understand. With these questions, I am able to learn more myself so that I answer their questions and give them a thorough explanation as well. There was one time in particular when I was in a friend’s dorm room and we were discussing Catholic Holy Days that were happening around that time. I was asked questions that I did not know the answer to and had to ask friends in the Newman Club with me or look up the answers myself. Getting questioned has helped me to grow in my faith, but is challenging in the moment.

What are some of your favorite experiences with campus activities such as intramurals, Greek life, sports, clubs, and musical productions?
I am part of the Marching Band. I play flute. I enjoy the bus trips we take, especially the one to Disney World in the fall of 2016. I enjoy band camp in August before the rest of the student body moves into their dorms because the band has a chance to bond and get to know each other before classes start. I also have enjoyed being a part of the Sign Language Club. My best experience in Sign Language Club has been being a part of the All-Campus Worship. We interpret a couple of the worship songs in sign language while the worship band leads the whole campus in worship behind us. It is very fun and adds another level to the worship for me personally. I am always impressed by the talent in the Department of Music and in the theatre program. I often go to the musicals and plays on campus with my roommate. I am often engaged through the whole show, for plays and musicals, or for the whole concert, for choir or orchestra concerts. I am glad I can enjoy seeing theatre productions because I have loved to see plays and musicals my whole life.

How would you describe the relationships that the students have with each other on campus?
Students are very encouraging on campus. I enjoy how much people seem to care about each other, and I have met many people here that would drop almost anything they are doing in order to help their classmates in need. There is encouragement flowing from people here that I have never felt before in my life. The people and how they have pushed me to grow as a person is my favorite part of being a student at Grove City College.

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