Rachel (Falk) Hanna

M.S. in Business Analytics

Why did you choose Grove City for graduate school?
Maybe it isn’t the most exciting story—I wasn’t really looking for a Master’s program (I had thought about it but wasn’t actively searching) but I heard the news that my alma mater, GCC, was offering two new Master’s programs. I was immediately intrigued by the Business Analytics program—it sounded exactly like what I wanted for my career advancement! I figured it couldn’t hurt to apply, and, well, here I am!

​What have you liked most about your experience with the Grove City graduate program?
I missed being a part of a strong educational community. Being at Grove City was the best experience of my life and the best decision I made for my education. I expected nothing less than a similar experience when I decided to come back for my Master’s. I really hope that more students (especially from other schools!) will come to GCC for their master’s programs in the future because they simply don’t know what they’re missing out on.

​Would you recommend Grove City for graduate school to your friends, and if so, why?
I’d definitely recommend Grove City’s graduate program. I’ve been very impressed so far with the program—especially the relationships I’ve already built with the professors. However, this is a feature of GCC that I already knew well, being a graduate of the college—it definitely influenced my choice to come back here! I’m really excited to see what graduate degrees Grove City will offer in the future. I hope even more students will look to GCC for their graduate programs.

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