Peter Heinmets, '17

B.A. in Economics

Overall, how would you describe the spiritual environment at Grove City College?
Through the chapel speakers and the constant displays of the faculty and other students, I am immersed in a Christ-centered community that strives to raise Christians that are prepared to go out into the world for Him. The professors are constantly striving to follow Christ and to be a beacon for Him.

Tell us about your academic experience at Grove City College.
Although the academics are rigorous, the faculty desires to see all students succeed and works to help students understand confusing or difficult concepts. Professors are almost always available for office hours and rarely take more than a day to respond to emails. All this combines to bring students an atmosphere that is extremely conducive for learning.

Has the College’s focus on the liberal arts affected your educational experience?
It provides an extremely solid basis for not only a Christian outlook on life, but also a lens that helps students understand the world in a Christian framework. I have found this to be quite an invaluable addition to my educational experience, especially in such a tumultuous time as those we live in now.

What are relationships like between professors and students?
Professors are willing to help during classes and out of the classroom, but due to Grove City College's small size, I have often run into professors while getting lunch or going between classes. It is an experience that I don't believe is often had at larger schools, where a professor from one, two, or even three years ago will still remember me and say "hi" when passing in the halls. It is that kind of close knit feel that I believe to be integral to the experience that is Grove City College.

Share about an experience (working at a job, an internship, studying abroad) or an extra-curricular group or activity and how it impacted you.
The experience that I would like to discuss would be the internship that I engaged in during the summer between my sophomore and junior years. I was able to complete the internship for credit through the College, which involved bi-weekly updates with my academic advisor and a paper due at the end of the internship. It was the main activity that is allowing me to graduate a semester early as it was completed for six credits, and I would consider it to be a very important milestone in my academic career.

Why did you study economics?
I decided to study economics all the way back in high school when I took a course that covered the basic mainstream approach to both macro and microeconomics. Ever since then, I was intrigued and fascinated by economics and decided to declare that as my major when I applied and I've never looked back. At that time, I was not steeped in all the different economic approaches that are espoused today and if I were, I believe that I would still make the decision to attend Grove City College due to the sound economics of the Austrian approach that their economic program is based on. I did add the mathematics minor later on and that has helped immensely with supplementing my learning of the mainstream macroeconomic approach due to the heavy mathematical and formulaic nature that it entails.

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