Peter Boettke, '83

B.A. in Economics

What have you been doing since graduation?
My first job out of college was teaching tennis professionally (I played four years of tennis at the College). Then I went on to graduate school, eventually earning my PhD, and since that time I have been an economics professor at George Mason University. I was able to combine this with a parallel career as a high school and AAU basketball coach for over a decade, which was a very rewarding experience and allowed me to realize my original career aspiration. 

Why did you choose Grove City College?
I was directed toward Grove City College to play basketball, and I maintained good relationships with those coaches, as well as the entire athletic department, throughout my college career. I also very much enjoyed my involvement with the tennis program, playing under Coach Walters. 

What did you learn at Grove City College that was most helpful to you after graduation?
I owe everything in my professional career to what I learned at Grove City College in the Department of Economics from Dr. Hans Sennholz, as well my exposure to high quality minds in philosophy like Dr. W. Andrew Hoffeker and Dr. Richard Trammell, and Dr. John Sparks ’66 in law.

How did Grove City College impact your life?
I love everything about the College, and it changed my life direction. My wife Rosemary and I, though we started dating in high school, both graduated from Grove City College, and our time there was full of precious memories of joy and learning. Our experiences there provided the foundation for our life together.

What should prospective students know about Grove City College?
You get out of college what you put into it, and the College offers a huge set of opportunities to learn lessons for a lifetime. Grove City College provided the foundation for everything I have done since, and I am extremely grateful for that experience and the education I received there. Take advantage of the opportunities that Grove City College offers. 

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