Madi Mitchell, '17

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

How big of a role did affordability play in your college decision making process?
Grove City College is one of few colleges that offers challenging academics at a low cost. Attending Grove City College allowed me and many others to receive a quality education and graduate without huge debt.

How was your faith strengthened and perhaps even challenged during your time here?
My faith was strengthened because I was forced to truly make it my own on a daily basis. College is a time when many people fall away from Christianity because it seems less important than grades, social life, and sleep; it is when you have to make the choice between getting up on Sunday for church or catching up on the sleep that you lost while getting midnight ice cream. At Grove City College, I was challenged and encouraged by my professors and classmates to make time in my chaotic schedule to sit and listen to the still, soothing voice of my Father.

How would you describe the level of academics you experienced at Grove City College?
One of my main reasons for choosing Grove City College over a state school was my desire for challenging academics. I was not disappointed. Professors expect top level work from their students, and that expectation drove me to put in more effort than I ever had in high school. Gone were classes that I could pass simply by showing up; instead there is hard work that I struggle through but can be proud of at the end.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
Even though they desire perfection from their students, I met many professors that have incredible compassion for their students. More than once, professors moved their exams to accommodate students’ hectic lives. Many professors build personal relationships with students who seek them out, which is easy to do with office hours and small class sizes.

What was your favorite aspect of Grove City College?
My favorite aspect of Grove City College was the many opportunities that were offered to be involved with causes that I care about. From a young age, I have loved foreign countries and missions work, especially in Africa. Project Okello is a group unique to the College that meets twice a week to pray for countries in Africa and plan special events throughout the semester to raise money for amazing causes, from the building of wells in Uganda to sending children to a Christian camp in Kenya. In addition, I was able to be directly involved in service projects through Inner City Outreach (ICO) trips offered at the College. I had the pleasure of leading one to Canton, Ohio, with an amazing group of people from many different social circles who spent a week of Christmas break painting houses and hanging out with inner city youth.

Describe your experience with residence life at Grove City College, particularly freshman year.
I was extremely blessed with wonderful RAs who greatly contributed to helping me feel at home in my residence hall. Many RAs will host hall events such as movie nights and Bible studies, as well as invite their residents out for meals to get to know them on a more personal level. Freshman year, Roommate Finder was a good start to finding a compatible roommate. A combination of that and Facebook chat helped me to find a girl who became my roommate and friend. All of this made my transition from home life to resdidence life very smooth.

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