Laura Mamo, '14

B.S. in Entrepreneurship, B.A. in French

Grove City College has a renowned entrepreneurship program. Many of the professors in the department have been extremely successful in starting their own businesses and have great experiences to share. Because I have had a life-long goal of starting my own business this program was exactly what I was looking for.

A significant advantage with the entrepreneurship major at Grove City College is the freedom you have to curate the major to your specific interests. Whether you are fascinated by media-related business or the physical or financial sides of business, the major offers numerous electives to choose from to make it your own. The professors in the entrepreneurship department want you to be successful and will help you however they can to make that happen.They are personable and provide personal contact information in case you have a question or problem you need to speak to them about. They are always willing to help you in any way they can during their office hours, and they make exceptions to be available for you even outside of these hours.

A liberal arts education is important because it provides an insight that you would not otherwise get. As an entrepreneur, you must be in touch with your target audience. Getting a broad education will allow you to be more in touch with whichever audience you are trying to reach. I can’t wait to start my restaurant, and the Department of Entrepreneurship prepared me to do just that.

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