Lara Lomicka Anderson, '92

B.A. in French, B.A. in International Business

Do you feel like you made any concessions to come to a school that is reasonably priced?
I actually applied early decision and locked in before committing to any other schools.

How is faith incorporated in the classroom?
Professors are open about their faith. Many pray before class or tests. It’s a privilege to be in an environment where faith and academics are integrated.

How do the academics challenge students to think on a deeper level about the world and life in general?
I think the notion of small classes where interaction is encouraged helps to engage students with their subject and the faculty member. In turn, faculty has the opportunity in small classes to get to know all of the students and to challenge them based on their needs.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
I remember being invited to meals a professor’s homes, which is a tradition that I have continued at my own institution as a faculty member. We have a program called “dinner dialogues” and I typically invite students to our home each semester.

What is your favorite aspect of Grove City College?
I loved being part of a small community where faith and academics where emphasized.

Describe your experience with dorm life, particularly freshman year.
It was a wonderful experience. I met a great group of girls that I still keep in touch with today. It’s a very tight-knit community where faith, academics and close relationships are formed and nurtured. I have the privilege of living on the campus where I serve as a faculty member with a group of 225 students. My family lives in the residential college with them, and we are able to relive many of the experiences that I had the privilege of being part of at Grove City College.

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