Kelsey Tischler, '20

B.A. in Psychology

Kelsey Tischler '20 is attending Ithaca College where she is a graduate assistant track coach and is working to earn a master’s degree in sport psychology, pursuing a career in consulting.

This career focus involves helping athletes improve the mental aspect of their game, allowing them to perform to their full, God-given potential. The advisor she is currently working with has been a sport psychology consultant for many Olympians, professional athletes, Divsion I teams and others. She names faith as one of her main reasons for choosing this career path.

“I will be able to easily incorporate the gospel message into my everyday work. When an athlete comes to see a sport psychology consultant, often they are going through a challenging time. They may be struggling to handle the pressure of performance, coming back from an injury, adjusting to life after their career ends, etc. I firmly believe that this is the perfect time to share the hope and comfort that is found in our God,” Kelsey said.


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