Julia Roper, '20

B.A in French, B.A. in Spanish, Minor in Music

How big of a role did the affordability of Grove City College play in your college decision making process?
Affordability was what caused me to choose Grove City College because most other schools I looked at had great academics as well.

How has your faith been strengthened and perhaps even challenged during your time here?
The people with whom I have become closest friends are able to do two things well: They have a drive to know God and are learning about wisdom in their devotional life, and they have inquisitive spirits and bright minds which work hand-in-hand to drive them towards difficult questions about life, morality, ethics, etc. Being around these people challenges me think critically about my faith and to examine my heart life as well.

How do the academics challenge students to think on a deeper level about the world and life in general?
The classes which challenge students to think on a deeper level are achieving their purpose because the professor holds high standards. They expect that the students are bright and thus challenge their intellectual capacity by the types of questions asked in a class or by increasing the difficulty of a test.

What are some of the ways that professors ensure that students not only receive information but truly learn and understand how to apply that information?
They encourage opportunities to go to lectures or events about the topics we study. Also, they expound more on their ideas during office hours.

What do you find to be the most unique aspect of Grove City College?
The level of intellectual pursuit paired with the desire to grow in faith – not simply some religious act outwardly, but a true spirit of willingness to submit our academic goals to God’s plan.

Describe some of your experiences in campus activities.

  • Being in Students Excited About Diversity (SEAD), I learned a lot about how other people think, both in what we studied in our book club and from observing people in the club. We are all very different.
  • Being in IM soccer, I absolutely loved the easy time commitment and the fun competition.
  • Music accompaniment (campus job) allowed me to meet other like-minded individuals, even though I am not a Music major.
  • Women of Faith gave me a great group of girls to be friends with. 

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