Jordan Coiro, '17

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

How big of a role did the affordability of Grove City College play in your college decision making process?
It was one of the largest factors. Grove City College impressed me with its low starting price.

How was your faith strengthened and perhaps even challenged during your time at the College?
It was both strengthened and challenged by many opportunities: residence life community, on- and off-campus ministries, chapel services (although more the alternative chapels), and the perspective taught in classes. These different things made me think more about what I believe and challenged my belief systems as well.

How would you describe the level of academics you have experienced during your time at Grove City College?
The academics challenged me significantly and pushed me to learn outside of the classroom as well. I continually found myself excited about the things I was learning while still having to work hard at those classes.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
I enjoyed my relationships with my professors. They are very open to conversation outside of class about a host of topics and are not condescending to students. I appreciated this approach, while still maintaining respect in class.

What was your favorite aspect of Grove City College?
The people that inhabit the College make it great. The sheer quality of people was my favorite aspect.

Describe your experience with residence life at the College, particularly freshman year.
I had the opportunity to meet and interact with much of my class freshman year, and I branched out to more than my freshman hall. My freshman hall was a stable community that I could return to though, and I enjoyed the time I spent with them.

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