Jonathan Price, '19

B.A. in History

How has your faith been affected during your time at Grove City College?
I would say that my faith has grown tremendously during my time at Grove City College. This has to do with the encouragement of friends, but I think it also has to do with the education I’ve received. My faith, besides growing stronger as a whole, has also gained a level of intellectual refinement due to my classes and professors, which have done a lot to make me think through elements of my faith.

Tell us about your academic experience at Grove City College.
There are certainly times where I feel challenged, but that is what I want in college, as it will better prepare me for my plans after graduation. Especially today, it is important for a college to have a focus in the liberal arts. After all, while the purpose of college is prepare you for a career, a liberal arts focus also lets one develop more as an individual, which is just as important as getting a career.

What are relationships like between professors and students?
My professors here are extremely knowledgeable and are usually willing to provide as much help as they can with my questions or concerns. Overall, they are an excellent resource that frankly I do not take advantage of. My tendency is usually to not seek out a professor’s aid unless there is something I need or am not sure of, but there is a value to seeking to get to know them on a more personal level.

What department related experience (independent study, an internship, studying abroad) has provided a particular benefit to your academic experience?
The summer after my freshman year, I and several other Grove City College students were able to travel to Sardinia and work on the restoration of native statues in the town of Cabras. The program, the Archeological Conservation Institute (ACI), was headed by world-renowned conservationist Roberto Nardi and taught the basic aspects of archeological conservation with actual historical artifacts. The opportunity to work on statue fragments that were thousands of years old was an experience that few undergraduates get to have, and well definitely prepare me for my later career in history. It was an excellent addition to the education I received in the classroom, and the fact that a college as small as Grove City College has this program with ACI is an indication of its academic quality.

Did Grove City College’s affordability play a role in your college decision making?
Affordability did play a role, but I was more focused on other standards, such as academics. Though the price is certainly more reasonable than most private colleges.

Why did you study history?
I think what draws me most to history is the combination of mystery and discovery. While the past is typically described as what “already happened,” there is still much we do not know, and to have the chance someday to help contribute to a greater understanding of the past is an exciting prospect. Though many people see history as a series of dates and names in a dusty textbook, in reality it is a dynamic and ever-changing discipline which reflects the constant change in our understanding of the past. I find the past fascinating for the reason that while it contains civilizations very different from our own, there are still elements that are similar to our own times. It is the sense of the incredible diversity of humanity and yet the realization that we are all at the end of the day human. There is also the sense of purpose I find in studying the past, not only to inform people today on the past but to give a respectful account of those who came before us.

Why should a future student consider studying history at Grove City College?
The professors here are fantastic and experts on the subjects they teach. The classes certainly are challenging, but they are also incredibly informative and have certainly made me a better historian. Not only this but the professors really seek to know your interests and to help you learn to the best of your ability. The opportunities we have (such as ACI) also add to a great department. 

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