Jessica (Lewis '17) Donatelli

B.S. in Computer Science

Describe your favorite aspect of Grove City College.
My favorite aspect of Grove City College was the academics. I loved the Computer Science program. The size was perfect for me, as it is only 30 students or so per year. This gave me the ability to interact with my professors on a daily basis. I also loved the courses I had to take to obtain my degree. My schedule was almost entirely computer science or math courses every semester, except for when I had to take humanities classes, which are required to graduate from Grove City College. In my computer science classes, we had tests, projects, and homework. However, I felt that the most emphasis was put on projects. I think this is important because projects are what I will be working on in the real world. The endless number of projects I completed at Grove City College gave me the leadership, teamwork, and programming skills that I think will make me successful in my career.

Describe a time when your intellect was challenged or strengthened at Grove City College.
My intellect was challenged basically every day in my computer science classes. I remember one time that I was in Dr. Boatright’s office hours for a graphics assignment and he was trying to get me to understand ray marching. I just wasn’t getting it. He said, “I’m only pushing you because I really think you get this.” And he was right, I eventually did.

Describe a time when your faith was challenged or strengthened at Grove City College.
My faith was strengthened through a Bible study I was invited to participate in for senior women at the McNultys' house. Mrs. McNulty led my prayer group, and I really learned a lot from her.

What are some of your favorite experiences with campus activities such as intramurals, Greek life, sports, clubs, and musical productions?
I loved playing IM sports at Grove City College. I played flag football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and take a break from schoolwork.

How would you describe the relationships that the students have with each other on campus?
All the students on campus are really friendly. We are a smaller college, so you pretty much recognize everyone, but might not necessarily know everyone. While walking around campus, you can feel the friendly atmosphere.

Describe a situation when your education and experience at Grove City College helped you in your profession.
The College provided me with the tools to get to where I am today. The annual career fair helped me to get two internships. One of them was with the company that offered me a full time position during the fall of my senior year. It was such a relief to have a job lined up so I didn’t have to worry about job searching during the spring semester of my senior year. In addition, the Department of Computer Science gave me the knowledge I needed so I would be well prepared for technical interviews.

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