Jarrett Skorup, '09

B.A. in History & Political Science

What have you been doing since graduation?
I've worked in public policy. I'm director of marketing and communications at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a nonprofit organization that is committed to advancing the principles of free markets and limited government.

Why did you choose Grove City College?
I knew that I wanted a college that would challenge me academically, a campus and professors that would challenge my faith in a Christian environment, and the ability to play lots of intramural sports. All three of these desires were found at Grove City College.

How important was affordability in your choice of Grove City College?
I knew that I would be paying for school almost entirely on my own so it was important that I find a school that I would be able to afford.

How well did Grove City College prepare you to enter the workplace?
Excellently. I graduated with a major in a field that it is often tough to find a job in. My major was not particularly marketable, especially because I graduated during the worst economic recession in decades. Thanks to Grove City College I had multiple job opportunities when I graduated. 

How would you describe the spiritual environment at Grove City College?
It was intellectually rigorous in defending the Christian faith and had lots of opportunity for spiritual growth.

What is the relationship like between students and professors?
It could not have been better. Everyone was open, accessible, and willing to help. 

What should prospective students know about Grove City College?
It is a special place. It is fulfilling spiritually and academically. It is among the very few places that balances learning that will contribute to personal growth and work opportunities. 

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