Ian Jones, '18

B.A. in Political Science

How has your faith been affected during your time at Grove City College? Have you seen a connection between faith and learning in your classrooms?
In my opinion, what makes Grove City College truly distinctive is the incredible sense of community. It is an enormous blessing to be surrounded by students who are encouraging each other to grow in their faith. The professors also do an excellent job integrating faith in a way that supplements, not dominates, the class material.

Tell us about your academic experience at Grove City College. Has the College’s focus on the liberal arts affected your educational experience?
One of the awesome things about law school is that you don’t need a specific major to get in. At Grove City College, I have been able to take broad range classes on subjects of interest, from law to business to social work, I have enjoyed the huma core which gives every Grove City College student an introduction to the humanities.

What are the relationships between professors and students like?
The classroom experience at Grove City College is often more like a conversation than a lecture. Being able to ask questions, both in class and outside the classroom, has been very helpful. The professors have been very accessible outside of class as well. I have had professors who have hosted wing nights or invited students to a class party at their houses.

Share about an experience (working on a campaign, an internship, studying abroad) or an extra-curricular group or activity that impacted you while at Grove City College.
Probably the most valuable internships you will ever do are the internships that show you what you don’t want to do. Over the summer, I interned on Capitol Hill and really enjoyed it for the most part. I learned a lot about the way bills are actually passed, how congressmen interact with their constituents, and got to meet some terrific Grove City College graduates, but I also learned that it was not something I wanted to do as a career. I took away the skills and relationships I made, as well as a clearer idea of where I would like to go in my career.

Did Grove City College’s affordability play a large role in your college decision?
The two reasons I chose Grove City College over the other colleges I was considering were its commitment to academic excellence and affordability.

Why did you study pre-law?
Since high school, I have always admired “constitutional lawyers” who eschew more lucrative areas of law to defend free speech, religious liberty, and the most vulnerable. I hope someday to be able to follow in their footsteps, and the pre-law program at Grove City College has given me the opportunity to pursue that dream.

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