Geoffrey Hall, '17

B.A. in History

How big of a role did the affordability of Grove City College play in your college decision making process?
Affordability definitely played a role in my decision to attend. Though there are many other Christian colleges to choose from, Grove City College really stands above the rest because of its low price.

How does the tuition cost of Grove City College compare to the other schools you looked at during your college selection?
The College's tuition was way below the cost of the other schools that I looked at. Coupled with the fact that Grove City College provides a better education than most institutions, it was a pretty obvious choice for me.

How was your faith strengthened and perhaps even challenged during your time here?
Grove City College really challenged me to think about my faith more deeply. There is a big push to not just believe what your parents believe but to make your faith your own. Classes such as Spec Mind and Biblical Revelation go into great depth of what it means to be a Christian and some of the challenges that arise in the lives of mature Christians. Organizations on campus such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes were also helpful in fostering honest discussions about the faith.

How would you describe the level of academics you experienced?
The College's academics were of the highest quality. I found the history classes in particular to be intellectually stimulating and rigorous. Classes were much harder than what I had in high school, but also much more rewarding.

What led you to choose history as your major?
I always found the subject of history fascinating, so it made sense for me to major in history in college. I had also heard excellent things about the history department at Grove City College.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
Grove City College is unique as a college because it gives students a chance to know their professors on a personal basis. The professors go out of their way to be available to answer questions about coursework and offer advice for life.

What was your favorite aspect of Grove City College?
My favorite aspect of Grove City College was the relationships I formed with the professors. I really enjoyed my time serving as a student assistant to one of the history professors and probably my best memory from college was a trip I took to Italy and Sardinia with one of the history professors and a few other students from the College.

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