Emma Thomas, '18

B.A. in Sociology, Minor in Philosophy

Have you seen a connection between faith and learning in your classrooms?
One of the main reasons I chose Grove City College was because I knew my learning would be faith centered. I have found that to be the case not only in the curriculum, but also in classroom settings. Many of my professors open up class with prayer and classroom discussions are often Christ-centered. The largest impact, however, has been the impact of the way professors act. The professors are always so kind and encouraging and display great spiritual maturity.

Tell us about your academic experience at Grove City College. Has the College’s focus on the liberal arts affected your educational experience?
The liberal arts education has been formative to me as a student and as a global participant. The liberal arts education allows for students to be well-rounded thinkers. Through learning about arts and sciences, students can better grasp the glory of God as well. The more knowledge one has, the more it points to God’s infinite goodness and our finite state.

What are relationships like between professors and students?
All of my professors have always been willing to extend help past class time as well as outside the realm of academics. Professors truly care about students’ spiritual and life walks. I have often had long conversations with professors about my future dreams and plans or connected on more personal levels about life in general. Some of my professors have even had my classes over for dinner. These special relationships with professors are very unique to Grove City College.

Share about an experience (working at a job, an internship, studying abroad) or an extra-curricular group or activity and how it impacted you. 
Working in the Office of Admissions has strongly impacted my time at Grove City College. It has strengthened my professionalism and communication, but more than that, it has grown me in maturity. The staff is so supportive of one another and always uplifting. They pray for one another and for prospective students who may not even come to the College. The way in which they extend love to even strangers has inspired me to more fully extend the love of Christ. I am always greeted with a smile and encouraged by positive feedback about my work.

Even the staff in the Office of Admissions is concerned about my life outside of the workplace and makes sure that I am doing okay. The admissions counselor I work for will send me encouraging texts as well as care packages (she lives off campus). I think this reflects what Grove City College values. Professors are not just concerned about class time and employers are not just concerned about work because everyone at Grove City College values people. God has called us to love one another and it is taken very seriously on campus.

Why did you study sociology?
I chose sociology because I love people. After the first day in class, I knew I chose the right major, and I’ve never had a doubt about it. Between the fascinating subject material and outstanding professors, sociology continues to capture my interests and passions. It helps me to understand people and make better sense of the world. 

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