Ed Quigley, '13

B.S. in Computer Science, B.A. in English

Describe your favorite aspect of Grove City College.
The small student to faculty ratio and the variety of projects and activities available at Grove City College provide great opportunities for its students. I got to know all of the computer science faculty quite well, and I had the chance to work on research with multiple professors, compete in ACM programming competitions, and work with a number of companies that recruit at the College. These major- and career-specific opportunities, as well as other religious and extracurricular activities, are made possible by the close-knit community, engaged students, and dedicated faculty that make up Grove City College.

What are some of your favorite experiences with campus activities such as intramurals, Greek life, sports, clubs, and musical productions?
The ACM group organizes a number of great activities, including programming competitions, tutoring sessions, and social events. Outside of computer science, I found opportunities for fun and community involvement in the chess club, intramural racquetball, and the Newman Club.

How would you describe the relationships that the students have with each other on campus?
Students at Grove City College are consistently friendly, engaged, and thoughtful. Through the group projects in the upper level computer science classes in particular, I had the chance to work with and learn from my peers, who are also my close friends. Since graduating, my friends have themselves gone on to a wide variety of careers all around the world.

Describe a situation when your education and experience at Grove City College helped you in your profession.
What has definitely served me well is the emphasis on systems building in the Grove City College curriculum. The ability to build and work with large software systems is essential to my research work and more generally in my experience of the startup environment in Silicon Valley. I had many opportunities to practice building systems at Grove City College though research work, the senior design project, the game development and software engineering courses, and multiple internships.

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