Danielle Hiener, '18

B.S. in Chemistry

How does the tuition cost of Grove City College compare to the other schools you looked at during your college selection?
Grove City College’s tuition was the lowest of all of the schools I considered, including some public universities.

How is faith incorporated in the classroom?
Faith is incorporated into the classroom in many ways, from the genuine interest professors take in their students to the Christian worldview through which subjects from a wide variety of disciplines are taught.

What drew you to choose chemistry as your major?
I was drawn to the chemistry major at Grove City College because I wanted to study science in an environment where I could get to know both my professors and my peers. I have greatly appreciated the smaller class sizes, excellent mentorship provided by the faculty, and ability to participate in undergraduate research – all of which has provided excellent preparation for future graduate school and employment opportunities.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
The community at Grove City College is one of its best assets, and the professors are an integral part of that community. Professors here are genuinely interested in getting to know their students and are always happy to engage them in conversation and offer advice about academics, faith, and life in general.

What advice would you give to an incoming student?
Remember to make time for extracurricular activities, they’re a great way to meet new friends and they help to balance your academic workload.

What are some of the things you do during your free time either on or off campus?
I have loved learning to swing and ballroom dance at Grove City College. I have met many friends through the partner dancing community here, and I am grateful to have an activity that keeps me sane when the academic workload becomes stressful.

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