Danielle DiQuattro, '18

B.A. in Political Science, Minor in Economics

How has your faith been affected during your time at Grove City College? Have you seen a connection between faith and learning in your classrooms?
Being a Christian scholar and attending a Christian university does not just mean you read a portion of Scripture before class, or we as students live by a certain moral code that differentiates us from other college students. Those things are involved in Christian education, but what it truly means to be a Christian scholar is much broader than that. I’ve learned that my Christian faith gives me a reason to study and learn about the world around me and then apply that to my later career. We don’t study just to make money, or be well-known, although those are not bad things, but rather to improve the condition of the world around us, whether that be through science, the humanities, or social science. The connection between faith and learning in the classroom is that our faith permeates everything we do and aids us in evaluating the information and work of academia.

Tell us about your academic experience at Grove City College. Has the College’s focus on the liberal arts affected your educational experience?
As I applied to colleges in high school I wrongly believed that the prestige and recognition of the university I attended was the most important factor. So first, I was given a reality check from that view. Colleges that consider themselves widely prestigious are very, very expensive. As I realized that these other colleges either did not accept me or that they were nowhere near my price range, I was humbled and realized the unique experience Grove City College had to offer.

The College is known as a respected institution of learning, but it also works to aid those who share in their philosophy of education to be able to attend college for a reasonable price. The liberal arts focus aids in having Grove City College students leave college as well-rounded individuals who have studied and have knowledge in a wide range of topics and subjects. The liberal arts focus stretches us as students to study subjects outside of our major and to more broadly answer the question, “How shall we live?” Our majors aid us in becoming highly knowledgeable on certain subjects, but the liberal arts focus teaches us to be students of all of life.

Tell us about the relationship between students and professors.
The relationships I have been able to form with professors in and out of the classroom have been one of the most rewarding aspects of my Grove City College experience. Because the classrooms are small, professors are many times able to get to know each student in their classes. Additionally, during office hours, professors have not only aided me and other students in their class work, but have also given me advice and help in what steps I should be taking towards my future career. Professors, in my experience, take a strong interest in aiding students to succeed in the classroom and to continue to succeed as they leave Grove City College.

Share about an experience (working on a campaign, an internship, studying abroad) or an extra-curricular group or activity and how it impacted you.
I had the opportunity to intern/fellow at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (CBLPI) one summer. There, I was able to meet prominent women in the conservative political movement, received speaking and media training, had the opportunity to research, and just be immersed in the world of politics. Through this experience I learned what I was passionate about in the political realm and was able to better determine the goals of my future career.

Additionally, I was able to bring the work I did at the internship back to campus. I had researched the effects of abortion on women during my time at CBLPI. I also met former Secretary of the Treasury Bay Buchanan. Through CBLPI and the Center for Vision and Values on campus, I was able to bring Bay Buchanan to speak on the issue of abortion and women in conjunction with raising money for the local crisis pregnancy center. Without my internship, I would not have been able to have this event on my campus nor would I have been able to meet the right people who aided me in receiving my next internship at Heritage Action. However, without a connection I made with a Grove City College alumna, I would never have known about CBLPI or applied to the internship.

Why did you study political science?
Science works to keep us alive, the humanities and art make that life worth living, and political science teaches us which system of government is most conducive to the enjoyment of that life. I have always been passionate about political institutions and the effect the political system has on our everyday lives. Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a political animal.” Although we do, by nature, create governments, that is not all we are. I did not study politics because I think these debates should dominate our lives, rather I wanted to learn about the political systems and how they could best help us as individuals enjoy our families, communities, churches, enjoy and improve the world around us, and serve our fellow man. 

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