Daniel Toney, '18

B.S. in Computer Science

Describe your favorite aspect of Grove City College.
The professors genuinely want you to succeed. They provide valuable help during office hours. They don’t just help you get the right answer, they help teach you why it is the right answer.

What is one story about your favorite professor at Grove City College?
There is one lesson in Civ Arts with Dr. Munson where he gets up on a table and jumps up off of it to help illustrate a point about one of the songs we are studying.

Describe a time when your intellect was challenged or strengthened at Grove City College.
After sitting through several of Dr. Dellinger’s artificial intelligence talks, I still don’t entirely understand the consequences of a strong AI. It really makes you think and wonder what will happen when computer science gets to that point.

What are some of your favorite experiences with campus activities such as intramurals, Greek life, sports, clubs, and musical productions?
IM sports are always fun, It is a good way to stay in shape while having fun. SAE Baja, the college’s racing club, is also fun. I am currently the treasurer of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Club.

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