Dane Mossgrove, '16

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

What have you been doing since graduation?
Since graduation I have been working as an engineer specializing in tire tread design and new technology development for a global, publicly traded company. Having been a musician and athlete at the College, I have continued those passions as a high school track and field coach and local area musician.

Why did you choose Grove City College?
I chose Grove City College because of the unique set of qualities that differentiate it from anywhere else in higher education. Grove City College is one of the only places in the nation with its combination of affordability, quality academics, spiritual atmosphere, competitive athletics, and iconic campus layout.

How important was affordability in your choice of Grove City College?
Affordability was extremely important in my selection of Grove City College. The pricing and scholarship opportunities offered by Grove City College allowed me to be debt free as a recent graduate, in contrast to the majority of graduates in the nation with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Additionally, Grove City College is unique in its pricing, having a low price for all students as opposed to high sticker prices at most other universities that many students end up paying.

How well did Grove City College prepare you to enter the workplace?
Grove City College prepares its students well for the workplace, not only from the academic side but also from the personal side. As an employee, I understand the nuances of my industry because of my education and also understand how to treat people and build genuine relationships. The worldview exploration done through the core humanities curriculum prepared me to think outside of the box, strive to keep learning, and feel comfortable in international business situations. 

How would you describe the spiritual environment at Grove City College?
The spiritual environment of Grove City College is one that fosters spiritual and moral development. There are few places where almost everyone you meet will genuinely care about you, what you are up to, and your well-being. Because the College teaches the Christian principle of loving others, the campus is a place where you can be yourself no matter your personal or religious background.

What is the relationship like between students and professors?
Grove City College offers the distinct advantage of small classes to its students. From a learning material and professor relationship perspective, it is excellent. The small class sizes allow for personal attention throughout a class and the building of good professor-student relationships. From a personal side, I had the privilege to go out to eat with, watch sports with, do yard work for, and even run with professors that I had for class. Even years after graduation, there are still professors that will remember exactly who you are when you come back to campus. 

What should prospective students know about Grove City College?
Grove City College is the only place like it in the nation. It stands for freedom and a quality education. My appreciation for what Grove City College is has grown since gradation, especially in today's economic and political climate. I have had several job and personal opportunities come about solely because of my connection to Grove City College. People understand the quality of people that graduate from Grove City College and honor that with opportunities. The College does not offer tenure to professors so parents can be assured faculty are motivated in educating students at the highest level consistently. They are here because they want to be. The world-class staff that is here does it because they care about teaching Grove City College students, and they are continually very good at it. 

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