Colin Renick, '15

B.A. in Spanish

What are some of the ways you have been spiritually engaged while at Grove City College?
I was challenged to think deeply about the theological and philosophical bases of my faith. I could no longer take my faith for granted as I'd done before. In my classes and discussions with friends, God worked to move me from a superficial and unthinking faith to a deeper and more committed love for Him.

How do the academics challenge students to think on a deeper level about the world and life in general?
I found that the humanities core was especially good for this. Learning about art, literature, and philosophy really deepened not only my appreciation for them as subjects and my thinking about the world and life as well.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
I had a good relationship with all my professors, and found them all to be very approachable.

What do you find to be the most unique aspect of Grove City College?
The earnest dedication to Christian faithfulness and thoughtfulness and dedication to studies among the students.

What are some of the things you do during your free time either on or off campus?
I participated in the Spanish club, ballroom club, and several Bible studies. I also participated in a weekly "Spanish lunch" and "French lunch" with some fellow language students.

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