Claire Vetter, '15

B.A. in Economics, Minor in Legal Studies, Minor in Family Studies, Minor in Biblical and Religious Studies

How did Grove City College’s emphasis on Christian faith impact you?
Grove City College’s emphasis on Christian faith deeply impacted me spiritually, personally, and professionally. My time at Grove City College was one of the most influential seasons in shaping my character and fostering my spiritual and professional development. Because Grove City College cultivates an environment that encourages students to grow in their faith, I experienced profound growth in my relationship with God while I was a student. I left the College firmly rooted in my faith and with a passion to further God’s kingdom by serving children and families through the legal system.

How did your academic work and relationships with faculty challenge you while you were at Grove City College?
My academic work challenged me intellectually and pushed me to grow as a writer and critical thinker. Because Grove City College’s curriculum was rigorous, it eased my transition to law school. My professors also encouraged me to pursue my academic goals and my passions for law and child advocacy. Several of my professors still serve as mentors to me.

How did your time at Grove City College prepare you for your vocation?
Leaving Grove City College, I could not have been more prepared for law school and a career in the legal field. Because the economics program challenged me analytically and was research and writing intensive, it equipped me with the basic skills for legal practice. Due to the courses in logic, Constitutional history, business law, and public policy that I took through the pre-law concentration, I came to law school with foundational knowledge that helped me succeed my first year. I was one of the only students in my Constitutional law class who had two semesters of Constitutional history and an understanding of the founding, first principles, and methods of interpretation before attending law school. Because these courses were taught from the Christian worldview, Grove City College equipped me to analyze legal doctrine through diverse perspectives. Finally, Grove City College prepared me to face the challenges of law school and the legal field by strengthening my relationship with God and teaching me deep reliance on Him and His strength.

Why did you study law?
Since high school, I have had a deep sense of calling to the legal field and a desire to glorify God through serving the world’s orphaned children. I have always had a passion for child welfare, families, and adoption and a love of research, writing, and problem solving. A career in law provides a perfect platform to engage my interests and to pursue my passion for seeking justice for children. I knew that my legal training would enable me to bring children and families hope, love, and stability and equip me to reform the systems that affect them.

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