Arthur La Motta, '18

B.S. in Business Management, B.S. in Psychology

Overall, how would you describe the spiritual environment at Grove City College?
In my experience, the spiritual environment at Grove City College can be described as constant and unchanging. Whether it’s gaining knowledge from professors, sharing conversations with peers, or walking through the beautiful campus, it is clear to me how ever-present God is on this campus and how He has blessed it for the pursuit of His glory.

What drew you to choose business management as your major?
As an organized and involved individual, I see myself managing quite a few things already, whether it’s academic, social, spiritual, or personal. I felt led to pursue this degree to enhance my understanding of management, learn how to apply it to work-life, and explore where God may want to use my abilities. Business Management involves dealing with people and their issues, providing me with a great venue to apply spiritual learned lessons, and hopefully be an instrument to propagate the gospel.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
Professors are mostly very open to forming relationships with students. The small student-to-professor ratio assists in this process. However, office hours and after-class conversations are also common on campus and allow for further brainstorming, question-answering, and relationship-building between students and faculty. The level of faculty involvement is inspirational, especially when compared with secular schools. It should not be surprising that the professors work with students as a partner with intentions to develop and prepare the student for life post-college.

What is your favorite aspect of Grove City College?
The unique opportunity students have to build faith-based relationships. Whether the relationship is between students, faculty, administration, or a mix of all of them, we all share the common ground of Grove City College and will always have a connection with an institution that reflects Christ’s Word.

Can you describe some of your own personal experiences in these campus activities?
I am involved in quite a few on-campus groups. I am the general manager for the on-campus radio, WSAJ 91.1, I am a member of the Alpha Epsilon Chi (AEX) housing group, I participate in a club called Students Excited About Diversity (SEAD), and I sing in the Grove City College men’s Glee Club, just to name a few. This wide array of activities has kept me busy and benefited me. Through devoting time to these groups, I have had the pleasure of learning from other people, practicing my learned lessons in class, growing in my pursuit of God, and sharing my gifts with others.

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