Anthony Rozmajzl, '18

B.A. in Economics

How has your faith been affected during your time at Grove City College?
Grove City College will definitely either strengthen or test your faith—both of which are excellent things. You will most certainly see the connection between faith and learning in the classroom. In my time studying here, I have learned that there are important truths to be discovered and amazing conversations that can develop when professors teach in light of the Christian faith.

Have you seen a connection between faith and learning in your classrooms?
A Christian college like Grove City College is in an extraordinary position to be able to integrate the absolute truths of the faith with any field of study. As a consequence of this, students will find themselves learning of the many ways by which God communicates his truths to us and will have their vocational aspirations strengthened knowing how their major of choice can help them be stewards to others.

Tell us about your academic experience at Grove City College.
My academic experience at Grove City College has been a much-needed intellectual challenge that has really stretched my ability to focus and work diligently. Students will quickly find out why the College is lauded for its challenging academics, but will certainly appreciate the variety of classes Grove City College has to offer.

This variety is evident in Grove City College's emphasis on the importance of the liberal arts, particularly the humanities core, in forming well-rounded scholars. All students will get the opportunity to study the development of western civilization, the arts, church history, and literature, in light of varying belief systems. Throughout the humanities core, I have found myself becoming much more open to and far less critical of certain beliefs that I would have quickly disregarded before coming to Grove City College. If anything, the humanities core will teach you to objectively analyze and critically think about some of the most important issues in life.

The humanities core at Grove City College has not only made me more aware and better informed of these categories of study across different cultures, but has challenged me to be more open and analytical of the various opinions that I will encounter later in life. No matter your major, be prepared for a number of late nights devoted to studying. It will be worth it.

What are relationships like between professors and students?
One of the best parts about Grove City College is the small student-teacher ratio, which allows for close relationships between professors and students. Students will not be hard pressed to compete with others for academic help or guidance. Additionally, compared to other colleges, Grove City College professors have far more office hours and are more than willing to use that time to help students with classwork, offer career/job advice, or have a friendly conversation.

It is very evident that Grove City College has selected a group of faculty members who are all extremely passionate about what they teach and care deeply about the success and well being of their students. It did not take me long to feel comfortable visiting professors in their offices or greeting them outside of the classroom. I have found it incredibly simple to talk with them not only in an academic context, but on a friendlier basis as well.

Share about an experience (working at a job, an internship, studying abroad) or an extra-curricular group or activity and how it impacted you. 
One of the greatest blessings of my college experience has been joining a housing group on campus. Being involved in this group has had extremely valuable social and spiritual benefits. I have developed some incredible new friendships with a variety of men and join them in weekly hall Bible studies, hall dinners, and hall prayer, which have all been great in fostering a sense of community and spiritual fellowship. Being involved in Alpha Epsilon Chi has also provided a great opportunity to give back to the college community by hosting campus-wide events and off-campus parties that foster fellowship among all students on campus. I definitely think I have grown to be more outgoing and more spiritually in tune as a result of joining this housing group, and it is something I would encourage all students to look into.

Why did you study economics?
I chose to study economics at Grove City College because it is taught in light of the Austrian school of economic thought. Whereas most colleges teach economics that is rooted in complex mathematical formulas, the College teaches that it is the actions and ever-changing desires of individual men and women that are the focus of economics. I firmly believe that it is the Austrian school of economic thought which espouses the most truths about economics and has most adequately answered. I want to establish a firm understanding of the implications of economic policy on the lives of everyone, and how to shape economic policy to help society flourish. As an Austrian, economically speaking, I was particularly curious to learn about the Federal Reserve and how the Federal Reserve banking system manipulates economic conditions, leading to the detriment of society in the long run. My passion for economics comes from my wanting to show others the power of the free market, and I am convinced that the Department of Economics at Grove City College has educated me to do just that.

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