Amy Knecht, '20

B.S.W. in Social Work

How does the tuition cost of Grove City College compare to the other schools you looked at?
Compared to other schools that I looked at, Grove City College’s tuition was the cheapest for what I was specifically looking for. I had the option of choosing to stay close to home and go to community college, but I was interested in attending a Christian college. 

How would you describe the spiritual environment at Grove City College?
The spiritual environment at Grove City College is very warm and welcoming. There are many opportunities to fellowship and worship together with other fellow student believers during chapel on Tuesdays or Thursday mornings, Warriors on Thursday evenings, or Vespers on Sunday. There is a sense of peace and longingness to be better enriched in how God is playing an important role in our lives as students in college. 

What drew you to social work as your major?
As a freshman, I was undeclared and was very unsure as to what I was really was interested in possibly studying. My advisor recommended that I take a few social work classes. In the spring semester of my freshman year, I picked up a class called Social Work 101 and fell in love with everything that was being taught. The one topic that really stood out to me when I was in the class was international adoption. Being adopted from Russia myself, I was very interested in what the whole process of international adoption was like from a social worker’s standpoint. 

What is the nature of the relationship between students and professors? 
Professors for the most part have office hours where they are available to work with students if they have any questions or concerns. Being a student at Grove City College, I have found my interactions with professors to be very welcoming and useful.

What advice would you give to an incoming student? 
Do not be afraid to try other classes that are not related to your major. Get plenty of rest and eat nutritious food. If you need help with homework, do not be afraid to ask for help from your professors. Get involved with the campus through clubs or activities that are sponsored. 

What are some of the things you do during your free time either on or off campus?
School dances that are held such as homecoming, the Ganza, gala, or jazz dance. Off campus can include going to the Guthrie movie theater, Sweet Jeanie’s for ice cream, or the Grove City Memorial Park. 

What has your experience been like in the Bachelor of Social Work program?
I have been very grateful for the experiences that the B.S.W. program has had to offer so far. This program has given many opportunities to engage, grow, and apply many skills that are taught in the class setting. Of all the things that this program has provided, creating a field placement for a whole year definitely lets us put our skills to use. 

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