Alexa Adams, '19

B.A. in Biblical and Religious Studies

How big of a role did the affordability of Grove City College play in your college decision making process?
The affordability of the school played a very large role in my choice to come to Grove City College. If it weren’t for the reasonable pricing of the school, there was a very big chance that I may not have been able to go to college, just based on my family’s financial standings. So, it has been a very big blessing to have the chance to go to a school that is not only affordable, but that is also so willing to help out with so many options of loans and scholarships.

How is faith incorporated in the classroom?
Professors incorporate faith into their classes, but never in my experience has it been forced. Many times its simply just drawing parallels between a Christian worldview and the topic discussed, or referring back to scripture to shed some light on a topic. The professors are also so very full of grace here, it is such a blessing to be taught by people who share the same faith as you and have a desire to see you thrive in your relationship with Christ, too.

How would you describe the level of academics you have experienced during your time at Grove City College?
The level of academics is not a joke here. They really do want to see you strive for your best and will push you to do so. This is seen as a reflection of doing all things to the glory of God. I wouldn’t say that a prospective student should be very intimidated by this, however, because you would be amazed at the things you can accomplish in the right environment.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
The relationship between the students and professors is really great. Office doors are always open, and they are so understanding and genuine with students. They just sincerely want to see you learn and grow and knowledge and strength in you walk with Christ.

What do you find to be the most unique aspect of Grove City College?
There is very minimal peer pressure here and a lot of encouragement from friends to strive to be the most healthy version of yourself you can be spiritually, mentally, and physically. You don’t really get to find that kind of well being at many other campuses.

How active are students in campus activities such as intramural, Greek life, sports, clubs, musical productions etc.?
We have a huge emphasis on campus activities here. The majority of students end up involved in something, and I think that this is a definite reason as to why we have such a thriving and social community.

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