T. David Gordon

Professor of Religion and Greek
All FacultyBiblical & Religious Studies

Contact Information
Phone: 724-458-2205
Email: tdgordon@gcc.edu

T. David Gordon


  • B.L.A., Roanoke College
  • M.A.R., Westminster Seminary
  • Th.M., Westminster Seminary
  • Ph. D., Union Theological Seminary in Virginia


  • Ordained minister, Presbyterian Church in America

Areas of Expertise

  • Biblical Studies
  • Ethics
  • Media Ecology
  • Worship/Liturgy

Courses Taught

  • New Testament Survey
  • Beginning Greek, I and II
  • Intermediate/Advanced Greek
  • Exegesis of John’s Gospel (Greek)
  • Exegesis of Romans (Greek)
  • Exegesis of Galatians (Greek)
  • The Parables of Jesus
  • The History of the Academic Study of the Bible
  • Paul and the Law
  • New Testament Ethics
  • Denominational Standards (Presbyterian Ecclesiology and Worship)
  • Biblical/Theological Ministry (Team-taught)
  • The Uses and Abuses of the Bible (Team-taught)
  • Civilization and the Speculative Mind
  • Interpreting the Psalms
  • Media, Faith, and Culture: Media Ecology in Theistic Perspective
  • Senior Seminar in Religion
  • Studies in Science, Faith, and Technology (Team-taught)

Selected Publications

  • “The Problem at Galatia.” Interpretation 41 (January, 1987): 32-43.
  • “A Note on ΠΑΙΔΑΓΩΓΟΣ in Gal. 3. 24-25.” New Testament Studies, 35, no. 1, January, 1989, 150-54.
  • “Why Israel Did Not Obtain Torah-Righteousness: A Translation Note on Romans 9:32.” Westminster Theological Journal 54 (1992): 163-66.
  • “‘Equipping’ Ministry in Ephesians 4?” Journal for the Evangelical Theological Society 37, no. 1 (March 1994): 69-78.
  • Notes for John’s Gospel. The New Geneva Study Bible. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1995.
  • “A Certain Kind of Letter: The Genre of 1 Timothy,” in Women in the Church: A Fresh Analysis of 1 Timothy 2:9-15, ed. A. Köstenberger, T. R. Schreiner, and H. S. Baldwin. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1995.
  • “The Insufficiency of Scripture.” Modern Reformation Volume 11, No. 1 (January/February, 2002), pp. 18-23.
  • “The Westminster Assembly’s Unworkable and Unscriptural View of Worship?” Westminster Theological Journal 65 (2003): 345-56.
  • “Observations on N. T. Wright’s Biblical Theology With Special Consideration of ‘Righteousness of God,” in By Faith Alone, ed. Gary L. W. Johnson and Guy P. Waters (Wheaton: Crossway, 2007), pp. 61-73.
  • “Reflections on Auburn Theology,” in By Faith Alone, ed. Gary L. W. Johnson and Guy P. Waters (Wheaton: Crossway, 2007), pp. 113-125.
  • “Why Weekly Communion?” in The Ordained Servant, Volume 17 (2008), pp. 107-112.
  • “Abraham and Sinai Contrasted in Galatians 3:6-14” in The Law is Not of Faith: Essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant, ed. Bryan Estelle, J. V. Fesko, and David VanDrunen (P&R, 2009), pp. 240-58.
  • “Confusion About the Law in Paul,” in Justified: Modern Reformation Essays on the Doctrine of Justification, ed. Ryan Glomsrud and Michael S. Horton (Escondido, CA: Modern Reformation, 2010), pp. 33-39.
  • “Getting Out and Staying Out: Israel’s Dilemma at Sinai,” Pittsburgh Theologial Review 3 (2011-2012), pp. 23-37.
  • “Finding Beauty Where God Finds Beauty: A Biblical Foundation of Aesthetics,” in The Artistic Theologian 1 (February, 2012), pp. 16-24.
  • “The Imminent Decline of Contemporary Worship Music: Eight Reasons,” Second Nature, Oct. 27, 2014.
  • “Youth Ministry?”, The Ordained Servant Online: A Journal for Church Officers, February, 2015.
  • Why Johnny Can’t Preach: The Media Have Shaped the Messengers. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R, 2009.
  • Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns: How Pop Culture Re-Wrote the Hymnal. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R, 2010.

Professional Experience

  • Professor of New Testament and Greek, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 1984-1998
  • Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church (NH), 1989-1998


  • Listening to music (I actually do)
  • Literature
  • Hiking
  • Shooting


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