Ryan West

Associate Professor of Philosophy
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Contact Information
Phone: 724-450-1534
Email: rdwest@gcc.edu

Ryan West
What is your educational background?
  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Baylor University
  • M.A., Philosophy, Baylor University
  • M.A., Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, Talbot School of Theology
  • B.A., Biblical and Theological Studies (Music Minor), Biola University
What are the main focuses of your research?
  • Ethics
  • Philosophical psychology (moral and intellectual character, emotions)
  • Philosophy of religion
What specific courses or specialties do you teach?
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Symbolic Logic
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Christianity and Civilization: Modern and Postmodern Challenges
Selected Publications
  • “Jesus and the Virtues of Pride” (with Robert C. Roberts), in Pride, ed. J. Adam Carter and Emma C. Gordon (forthcoming)
  • "Virtue Ethics is Empirically Adequate: A Defense of the CAPS Response to Situationism," Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming).
  • "Anger and the Virtues: A Critical Study in Virtue Individuation," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 46:6 (2016): 877–97.
  • “Natural Epistemic Defects and Corrective Virtues” (with Robert C. Roberts), Synthese 192:8 (2015): 2557–76.
  • “Contempt and the Cultivation of Character: Two Models,” Journal of Religious Ethics 43:3 (2015): 493–519.
  • “Perceiving God through Natural Beauty” (with Adam C. Pelser), Faith and Philosophy 32:3 (2015): 293–312.
  • “Getting Rid of Inappropriate Anger,” in Anger, Christian Reflection 53 (Waco, TX: Baylor University, 2014): 21–9.
  • “Faith as a Passion and Virtue,” Res Philosophica 90:4 (2013): 565–87.