David Ake, '23

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David Ake, '23

A solid education should foster the holistic development of a student to equip him or her with tools to live a meaningful life. This type of education gives students the ability to grow intellectually, socially, and morally, preparing them to take on the complex challenges of the world ahead with confidence and humility. I believe Grove City College offers a unique opportunity to pursue such an education! I strongly encourage students to deeply consider Grove City College if looking for a place where they can pursue their careers and callings in a Christ-centered environment.

About Me
I was raised in a small town in northern New Jersey called Mine Hill. I first heard of Grove City College from a new friend I met at a multi-church youth event which I decided to attend at the very last minute! My friend encouraged me to explore the college for myself by doing my own research and visiting. I remember being drawn to Grove City’s core values: faithfulness, excellence, community, stewardship, and independence. I found out these values are very much alive on campus. I believe they serve as guiding lights for living a good, purposeful, and well-rounded Christian life!

Right from the beginning of my freshman year, I discovered the people of Grove City College would help me grow in my faith, integrate my faith into different areas of life, and build meaningful relationships. I was surrounded by friends and mentors who encouraged and pushed me on my walk with Christ. God used the expertise, insights, and actions of my professors and peers to teach me valuable lessons about Himself, my fields of study, and where He and they relate. I was given many opportunities to be a faithful steward of my skills and talents in academic settings and extracurricular activities. The responsibilities and creative thinking associated with the leadership positions I held in musical ensembles, campus ministries, and Greek Life were aspects of my time as a student that I particularly enjoyed!

By attending Grove City College, God blessed me with lifelong friends, spiritual growth, and a holistic education which linked my faith with my career aspirations and other life goals.

Mine Hill, NJ

B.S. in Human Resource Management, Management with a concentration in Operations/Supply Chain and a minor in Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College '23

Hiking, writing music, studying family history.

Favorite Scripture
“On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” John 14:20

Favorite Grove City College Memory
Performing in the GCC Trombone Choir at my family’s church after spending a fun weekend together.

Favorite On-Campus Activity
Marching Band

Recruiting Territory

Pennsylvania Counties: Mercer, Venango, Clarion, Lawrence, Butler, Armstrong, Beaver