Why choose Grove City College? Survey says ...

Why did more than 600 incoming freshmen choose Grove City College?

The answer, of course, is a combination of factors that is as different as every individual student, but a survey of first-year students set to arrive on campus later this month provides a broad overview of what is most attractive about Grove City College.

Asked by the College’s Admissions Office to identify the attributes that were “important” or “very important” in their decision to attend, members of the class of 2026 identified five key distinctives that influenced their choice:

  • 96% said it was the nationally ranked academic programs in the liberal arts, STEM, business, and nursing.
  • 90% cited the College’s commitment to its historical Christian mission, demonstrated by the integration of faith and learning across disciplines.
  • 90% focused on the campus community, which provides a welcoming, supportive, and vibrant living and learning experience.
  • 87% were swayed by an excellent record of career outcomes for alumni, who see above average salaries throughout their working lives.
  • 83% signed up because of the College’s longstanding reputation for upholding and advancing conservative values.

“It is exciting to see incoming students valuing the things that we also consider most central to Grove City College,” said Lee Wishing III ’83, vice president for Student Recruitment.

“The survey results make it clear that our distinctive approach to higher education is exactly what prospective students are looking for to prepare for lives of success and service. Our mission has always been to provide an excellent, affordable, and Christ-centered education, which is needed now more than ever to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead,” Wishing said.

The class of 2026 is set to arrive on campus August 18 and begin classes on August 22.

Why choose Grove City College? Survey says ...

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