U.S. News: GCC is least expensive private college in Pa.

Grove City College’s low tuition makes it the least expensive private college in Pennsylvania, according to U.S. News and World Report.

The respected news outlet surveyed 2017-18 costs reported by 724 ranked, nonprofit private schools and determined that Grove City College’s charges are the lowest in the Keystone State.

The average annual sticker price for a private education is $34,817, not counting room and board, U.S. News reports. Grove City College’s annual charges for the period reviewed were about $17,254, before scholarships and financial aid were awarded. Grove City College’s “sticker price” reflects the actual cost of educating each student.

“Keeping a quality, Christian higher education affordable is part of our College’s mission,” College President Paul J. McNulty ’80 said. “We welcome this affirmation from one of the country’s most respected sources of information about the value of higher education that we are being good stewards of that mission.”

The College does not offer discounts to attract students, standing against pricing models elsewhere that distort the cost of a higher education. The College does not accept any federal funding, including grants and loans to students because of its long-standing commitment to being a truly independent college and safeguarding its affordability.  

U.S. News highlighted Grove City College as one of several religious schools on the list. The College’s annual costs are significantly lower than the average of $27,400 for Council for Christian Colleges and Universities member schools, the U.S News reported elsewhere. The College is not a CCCU member.

U.S. News: GCC is least expensive private college in Pa.

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