They have just one day to put on a show

Grove City College students are putting on a show at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 25 in the Little Theatre of the Pew Fine Arts Center.

That’s about all we can say right now, since no one knows for sure what play or plays are going to performed. The student-produced show hasn’t been written yet and won’t be finished until the curtain goes up on the 24-Hour Theatre festival.

Between 6:15 p.m. Friday and showtime Saturday, students hosted by campus theater honorary Alpha Psi Omega will produce an evening of theater for the public’s enjoyment, from writing to staging to casting to rehearsal to opening night in a single day.

Writers and directors got a slight jump on the process at a meeting Wednesday. They are set to reconvene on Friday, about 45 minutes before the first acting auditions. After selecting the players, the young thespians will pull a classic college all-nighter to get the show to the stage.

Junior Audrey Glickert has been involved in previous 24-Hour Theatre events at Grove City College. “This s a cool opportunity because of the speed with which it's created. It requires everyone involved to become close very quickly and it's fun for audiences to see what kinds of ideas people come up with under strict time constraints and with minimal prompts," she said.

The Saturday performance is free and open to the public. The College requires all visitors to campus to follow Covid-19 mitigation guidelines in place on the date of the event.

For more about the 24-Hour Theatre project, check out Alpha Psi Omega on Instagram @gcc_alphapsiomega. For more about Grove City College, visit

They have just one day to put on a show

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