Theoretical chemist to discuss myriad forms of water clusters

Grove City College’s Department of Chemistry will host Dr. Ken Jordan of the University of Pittsburgh on Friday, March 22 for a lecture on “Rings, Cages, Prisms, and Cubes: the Myriad Forms of Water Clusters.”

The talk at 3 p.m. in the lower level lecture hall of STEM Hall on campus is free and open to the public.

Jordan is the Richard King Mellon Professor and a distinguished professor of computational chemistry at Pitt and is co-director of its Center for Simulation and Modeling. He is a distinguished scientist who has collaborated with scientists from around the world, written hundreds of scientific papers and presented his research internationally.

Jordan’s research focuses on theoretical and experimental studies of the properties of molecules and clusters, of reaction at surfaces, of electron and proton localization and transfer in polyatomic molecules and water clusters, and of the properties of biomolecules.

While he’s on campus, Jordan will also meet with Chemistry students and faculty in small groups for more in-depth discussions. Grove City College brings in outside scholars to offer students the opportunity to hear about the latest research and learn about post-graduate opportunities.

Theoretical chemist to discuss myriad forms of water clusters

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