The envelope, please … Lux Mea Film Festival winners told

Grove City College student filmmakers saw their work projected on the silver screen and recognized with a series of awards at last weekend’s Lux Mea Film Festival.

The third annual festival, organized by Associate Professor of Communication Arts Gregory Bandy’s Special Events and Promotions class, drew a crowd to Crawford Hall Auditorium to experience a red-carpet celebration of student cinema.

“This was definitely our biggest and best student film festival to date,” said Bandy. “The quality of the films continues to improve, both narratively and technically. We invested in more advanced cameras this year and students invested in learning how to use them. Many also really worked on their storytelling skills. Cinematically, it showed.”

Professional judges evaluated 16 short films produced by student talent and the festival concluded with an awards ceremony honoring the “best of the best.”

The winners were:

  • Best Cinematography – Luke Owen ’25 for “When We Were Us.”
  • Best Editing – William Hearn ’26 for “Transformed.”
  • Best Audio Editing/Mixing – Elliot Eyre ’24 for “Leech.”
  • Best Special/Visual Effects – Sarah Sawyers ’23 for “You Have Something of Mine.”
  • Best Original Score – Elliot Eyre ’24 for “The Problem of Other Minds.”
  • Best Actor Female- Emily Klusendorf ’23 for “When We Were Us.”
  • Best Actor Male - Caleb Vinoverski ’24 for “Boxed-In.”
  • Best Screenplay - Elliot Eyre ’24 for “The Problem of Other Minds.”
  • Best Super Short (under 3 minutes) – Elliot Eyre ’24 for “Pizzamurai.”
  • Best Documentary/Nonfiction – William Hearn ’26 for “Transformed.”
  • Best Narrative -- Aaron Phillips ’24 and Caleb Vinoverski ’24 for “Boxed-In.”
  • Audience Favorite -- Malachi Abbott ’25 and Megan Eisentraut ’24 for “When We Were Us.”

The Lux Mea Film Festival takes its name from Grove City College’s motto, which translates from the Latin as “my light.” The festival exists to illuminate truth through films and features the work of student narratives.

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The envelope, please … Lux Mea Film Festival winners told

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