Teachers benefit from STEM endorsement program

Grove City College can help teachers make an impact on the next generation of leaders and advance their careers with the online STEM endorsement program.

The 12-credit program consists of four ACT 48-eligible courses that are designed to improve educators’ teaching skills, knowledge and ability to integrate complex science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts into the classroom experience.

With the need for effective STEM education being greater than ever, this is a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on students and the industry of life-enhancing STEM fields.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved program is open to post-baccalaureate students with a minimum 3.0 college QPA who are Pennsylvania-certified Level I or Level II teachers.

Students will experience convenient online asynchronous instruction in courses exploring pedagogy and learning while cultivating mastery and professionalism. Students who enroll in spring 2021 can have their Pennsylvania STEM endorsement completed by the end of summer.

“The courses are designed to spiral the student up through learning and teaching elementary, middle and secondary students. We end with a capstone project that teachers can use alongside her current teaching position. The tools and strategies used are ones that you can put into practice and projects are developed with the working teacher in mind,” Dr. Samantha Fecich, assistant professor of Education and instructional technologist, said.

The course sequence follows the developmental arc of students of all grades, emphasizing a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of all learners. The program includes field experiences in a wide range of classroom settings access to accomplished faculty who serve as guides and mentors in a Christ-centered learning experience.

The benefits are many. STEM endorsed educators stand out in their fields as leaders, distinguished by knowledge, implementation ability and robust enthusiasm for teaching that is attractive to employers and valuable for students.

"I love how the Grove City College STEM Endorsement program gives me the personalized focus I need to further my career. Each course forces me to focus on STEM within different age-levels, which helps me see the much bigger picture of STEM education as a whole," Eric Fogle, a teacher enrolled in the program, said.

For more information, including costs and registration instructions, visit the program page at www.gcc.edu, complete this form or contact the Office of Admissions at Grove City College at admissions@gcc.edu or 724-458-2100.

Teachers benefit from STEM endorsement program

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