Students recognized at Sports Medicine conference

Grove City College was well-represented at the recent American College of Sports Medicine Mid Atlantic Regional Conference, where students and faculty presented research and teams of Exercise Science majors took first place in the Fitness Challenge and fourth in the Academic Challenge.

The regional meeting provides a venue for Exercise Science majors to expand their knowledge and understanding of the field, make presentations, get some professional experience and network. Fifteen students travelled to Harrisburg, Pa., with faculty members for the conference.

“The ACSM MARC Conference was a great time to bond with my classmates over information we are all growing in together. It was fun to learn more about exercise science and see how we can make this field even better,” student Marah Slack ’22 said.

Other student researchers who presented – and their topics –were:

  • Macey Slack ’22– “The Effect of a Multi-Strain Probiotic Supplementation on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in College-Aged Individuals.”
  • Katie Kelley ’22 – “The Effects of a Novel Muscle Activation Technique on Performance Parameters in Collegiate Football Players.”
  • Dalton Jones ’22 – “Inter-set Voluntary Hyperventilation-aided Recovery Does Not Improve Bench Press and Squat in Recreationally Trained Individuals.”
  • Lydia Sedjo ’23 – “Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mood and Motivation in Division 2 Athletes.”

Philip Prins, department chair and associate professor of Exercise Science, discussed “The Impact of Ketogenic Diet on Athletic Performance,” and Jeffrey Buxton, assistant professor of Exercise Science, discussed “Quadrupedal Movement Training: Activate Mobilize and Move with Animal Flow.”

Grove City students Jones, Ryan Morris ’22, Lexi Buck ’22 and Elaine Miller ’22 captured first place in the conference’s Fitness Challenge. Jones, Morris and Marah Slack ’22 placed fourth in the Academic Challenge.

“This conference was a super opportunity to learn more about the exercise science field and really sparked my interest in wanting to do research of my own,” student Lily Gross ’24 said. For more about Exercise Science at Grove City College, visit


Students recognized at Sports Medicine conference

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