Spanish Club celebrates language, culture

With the start of another semester comes the first of many opportunities to celebrate culture and diversity among the campus across Grove City College. The Spanish Club exists for that reason: to celebrate and enjoy the Spanish language and rich Hispanic cultures from around the world.

By having events throughout the year, such as cooking nights and Spanish movie nights, the Spanish Club desires to give students on campus an opportunity to learn about and enjoy different cultures and a different language with which they may not be familiar.

The Spanish Club had the pleasure of hosting our first event of the semester on Sept. 20, 2018. Students from the college community came together to enjoy chips and salsa and each other's company. We also enjoyed games such as Mexican bingo and a fun version of Uno: “Spicy Uno.” We announced our upcoming events: our Cooking and Culture Night and our Día de los Muertos Movie Night, which is on Thursday, Oct, 11 and Nov. 1, respectively. Many laughs were shared as we enjoyed each other's company and played games while enjoying delicious snacks.

We invite all students and faculty to attend our events. No Spanish speaking ability is needed. This club is for people who are interested in the Spanish language, want to learn about different cultures, or love fellowship and good food. We hope Spanish Club events become an outlet for students to discover new things and gives them the opportunity to learn more about this amazing language and the cultures that share it.

Spanish Club celebrates language, culture

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