Rend Collective's Revival Anthem Tour coming to GCC

Grove City College and Stonebridge Concerts are proud to announce that Rend Collective, the Northern Irish folk-rock worship band and missional collective, has added the College to this fall’s North American Revival Anthem Tour.

The band will play live at Grove City College at 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13.

Rend Collective, an eclectic collective of multi-instrumentalists, has been making great music for more than a decade, touring the world and releasing eight albums since 2010. Their latest release, “Good News,” harkens back to their rootsy, unique sound originally birthed out of Bangor, Ireland. It was nominated for a 2018 Dove Award for Worship Album of the Year. “Taking on the moniker ‘purveyors of good news,’ Rend Collective is barreling down the road of authenticity and simple old-fashioned Gospel,” according to the band’s website.

Emily Stein ’20, president of Stonebridge Concerts said Rend Collective’s music is a “perfect fit” for Grove City College.

“What is unique about Rend Collective is that so many young adults have grown up listening to their music – and singing along – at youth camps, church and even in chapel,” Stein said. “We’ve sung their songs in our homes and on our campus and now we get the chance to sing along as they perform for us in the place that we have grown up in.”

“Their music draws you in, whether you’ve listened to them before or not, and the faith they display in their music resonates with all of us on a deeper level. Their goal is to proclaim the name of Christ through their music, but that doesn’t stop them from having a great time while they’re at it,” Stein added.

Rend Collective says their music is grown away from industry or formula, rooted in missional community and aims to shed light in dark places. “We want our music to be what we call organic worship, an honest and natural connection with God, something which is authentic and not artificial. We want to create an environment for people to have genuine encounters with Him and to find themselves singing to Him in ways that they find real," bandleader Gareth Gilkeson said.

Tickets are available at and will be for sale on campus in the fall.

Rend Collective's Revival Anthem Tour coming to GCC

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