Princeton Review: Grove City among the best

Grove City College is one of America’s best colleges, according to Princeton Review’s “The Best 380 Colleges.”

The College is also identified as a best private college, best school in the Northeast and a College That Pays You Back in the educational testing and prep company’s annual rundown of the nation’s top colleges and universities, which was released Tuesday. 

The influential guide doesn’t rank schools from 1 to 380. Instead it selects the best of the best from more 3,000 four-year colleges and universities, putting Grove City in the top 12 percent of schools nationally

Outstanding academics, accessible and interesting professors and a high quality of life on the residential campus are among the factors that students value most at Grove City College, Princeton Review reported.

The College earns high marks across the spectrum that Princeton Review uses to evaluate colleges. On a scale of 100, overall academics rates 82, with a 90 rating for accessibility of professors and 80 for interesting professors. The campus’ quality of life rates 79, with survey responses indicating the school is well-run, students are friendly and career services are great. Admissions selectivity rates 88.

Grove City College “keeps traditional values and top-of-the-line academics at the heart of everything it does” and is a “wonderful” and “uplifting” community where “people from all walks can further their education, grow relationships, and learn true humility and grace,” according to student surveys compiled by Princeton Review. The guidebook offered this take on Grove City College: “What is universal at Grove City is this: everyone is described as ‘dedicated, motivated, conscientious and responsible.’” 

Inclusion in “The 380 Best Colleges” is based on institutional data surveys, input from the Princeton Review staff and the National College Counselor Advisory Board, campus visits and feedback from students.

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Princeton Review: Grove City among the best

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