Praxis picks PeeWee Packs

A pair of Grove City College entrepreneurs are spending the summer as Praxis Emerging Founders, developing the mindset and skills that can help them turn their business dream into a reality.

Hannah Vaccaro ’18 and recent graduate Ross Harrington ’17 have already enjoyed a degree of success developing PeeWee Packs, a potty training tool that aims to make learning to use a toilet fun for kids and less stressful for parents and caregivers. 

This spring they racked up venture competition wins and garnered thousands of dollars from investors who see success in PeeWee Packs’ future. Now they’ll have the summer to focus on full-time on their nascent business with the support of innovative professionals associated with Praxis, a non-profit corporation committed to creating a community and providing education for Christian entrepreneurs who want to advance the common good.

Vaccaro and Harrington applied for one of 14 Emerging Founders spots and earned a place alongside budding businesspeople from other nationally-known colleges and universities, including Harvard, Pepperdine, Stanford and Biola universities, Gordon and Wheaton colleges and the University of Pennsylvania. Praxis looks for those who are “interested in a career of purposeful innovation” and “serious about their faith.”

The PeeWee Packs pair will join other Emerging Founders in early June for a Praxis retreat and weeklong workshop in Los Angeles, Calif. They’ll be able to tap the Praxis team’s expertise as they take their idea from concept to concrete.  

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