Music technology space is getting a major upgrade

The Conrady Music Technology Classroom at Grove City College is being overhauled this summer with new instruments, updated technology and an improved layout for today’s music students.

Used for class piano lessons as well as music technology coursework, the classroom is being outfitted with 12 new digital pianos, six music production stations, and a portable recording booth.  

“The older equipment in this classroom served us well, but it was time to update what was there, rethink what was needed in the space, and give our students access to the equipment needed for modern day music making,” Music Technology Instructor Mark B. Wasilko ’17 said.

“The production stations will have large MIDI keyboards that include beatmaking pads and slider controls, as well as a microphone and audio interface, all of which will allow students to work better with audio software. This gives students the ability to create anything from a contemporary pop song to a recording of the more classical pieces they work on in lessons or a recital,” Wasilko, who also serves as audition and recruiting coordinator for the Department of Music, added.  

The production stations will be especially helpful for the video game music project, in which music students collaborate with computer science students to compose soundtracks for video games as they are being created. New acoustic paneling and a small portable recording booth will facilitate high quality recordings and a revamped layout for the room will provide more space for class demonstrations and collaboration.  

The Conrady Music Technology Classroom, named for estate donors William T. and Rita L. Conrady, is located in the Pew Fine Arts Center on campus, which serves as the home of the Department of Music. The sprawling music and fine arts education center features rehearsal and performance facilities, practice rooms and classroom spaces along with the one-of-a- kind, newly restored Miriam Shellito Parker ’52 organ studio.  

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Music technology space is getting a major upgrade

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